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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Shaken or Slurred?

I thought a funny idea for a blog post would be a list of potential cocktail names. Much to my surprise, many of the ones I "invented" are already out there. Can you tell which of the following are real and which are mere figments of my imagination (which, obviously, was influenced by the Belvedere and diet tonic I had once I got home from work)?

NOTE: I'm not a mixologist so don't claim to know what would go in any of the made-up ones, but feel free to comment with your list of ingredients if so inspired.
  1. Horny Bastard
  2. Social Media
  3. Sacrifice (just so a non-drinker could order a "Virgin Sacrifice")
  4. Gay Wedding
  5. Filibuster
  6. Kardashian
  7. Fiscal Cliff
  8. Presidential Veto
  9. Joe Biden
  10. Gerrymander
  11. Abortion
  12. Sub-Prime Mortgage (made with the bar brand; a "Prime Mortgage" would be top shelf, no?)
  13. Handgun
Scroll down for answers:

All the odd-numbered drinks are real; the even-numbered drinks are from my imagination which is currently two of three sheets to the wind. Yes, there really is a drink called an "Abortion", and I gave credit to Handgun because my research came up with 3 related drinks - "Hot Pink Handgun", "Smoking Gun" and "Revolver". No "Semi-Automatic" or "Background Check" - yet!!

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