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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

No Rhyme or Reason (well, it rhymes a little bit)

Comey was fired; it came as a shock.
Right in the midst of an FBI probe.
Now the department will be run ad hoc
Until Donald J, wandering in his bathrobe,
Decides who its next fearless leader should be.

But once he gave ol’ Jimmy Comey the can
The President said that we all soon would thank him.
And while the courts pick apart his Muslim ban
He lets the whole world know that no one outranks him.
Just like Sally Yates -- didn’t need her, you see.

The President’s staff said ‘twas all about Clinton,
How Comey said there were no grounds to indict.
Which contradicts at what the Donald was hintin’
When he, in his letter, brought Russia to light.
Three times, so he claims, he was told he was clean.

The Democrats cry out together, as one,
This firing echoes an evil Nixonian.
The GOP doesn’t see storm clouds, but sun
Although there’s a handful that call it draconian.
More hearings in Congress will surely convene.

What are we to make of this Tuesday Night Massacre?
How will this impact the Federal Bureau?
Is that Kellyanne on the tube? We can ask her.
While others require explanations more thorough.
There’s no lessons learned when there’s no one to teach.

Just months ago, Trump shook his hand and then praised him.
“He’s become more famous than me!” he was quoted.
But don’t let him think you are one who betrays him;
If seeking the truth, then you’re quickly demoted.
How soon do you think there’s a vote to impeach?

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